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Western Europe - Laws and Policies

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Laws and Policies
Undated UKnotes.doc
Undated uk_summary.doc
Undated uk_eco_policy_summary.pdf
Undated UK laws.pdf
Undated uk intro.doc
2008-11-01 Arms Trading at UKTI.pdf
2007-11-12 Britain's changing firearms Laws.txt
2001-10-16 Loophole in new law could allow British dealers to arm terrorist groups.txt
2001-03-28 UK Parliament to Follow US Practice of Scrutinizing Arms Export Licenses.txt
2001-01-22 Scott attacks arms trade reform failure.txt
2001 Additional restrictions to 2nd UK arms sanctions list.pdf
2000-12-06 Arms exports law to be changed.txt
2000-07-27 Policing the arms trade_ The rules remain too permissive.txt
2000-02-10 PM curbs arms sales to Congo war zone.txt
2000 2nd UK arms sanctions list.pdf
1998 uk white paper 2nd ed.pdf

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