PRIO Network

Norwegian Initiative on Small Arms Transfers

Welcome to the NISAT web site.

Unfortunately, due to a lack of funding, as of October 2017 this web site (including the trade database and document libraray) is no longer being updated.

You can search our database of the international authorised trade in small arms and light weapons. It contains over one million records of imports and exports.

The trade in small arms is also presented in our data visualizations.

You can also search and browse our document library, which contains over 60 000 articles on small arms issues, including over 30 000 on illicit trafficking. Full access to the document library is only available with a password. If you would like to ask for access please mail Nic Marsh and state your institutional affiliation and interest in the material.

Read our blog - Small Arms, Crime and Conflict - which contains commentary on the small arms trade and armed violence. The blog has the same name as a recent book we co-produced on armed violence.

You can also browse publications by NISAT personnel, and find out more about the NISAT coalition.

Site updates

  • 12 June updated the documnet archive.