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Crime and Mortality
2008-11-00 Federal Firearms Cases, FY 2007.pdf
2008-06 Protect Children Not Guns.pdf
2004-03-00 Community Problem-Solving to Reduce Juvenile Gun Violence- Atlantas Experience.pdf
2002-04-01 Youth, Firearms and Violence in Atlanta.pdf
2001-11-00 Firearm Use by Offenders.pdf
2001-07-00 Gun use by male juveniles Research and prevention.pdf
2001-03-21 Gun Density Versus Gun Type.pdf
2000-09-01 Fighting juvenile gun violence.pdf
1999-05-01 Proceedings of the Homicide Research Working Group Meetings 1997 and 1998.pdf
1999-02-01 Strategies To Reduce Gun Violence.pdf
1997-03-01 Juvenile Gun Violence and Gun Markets in Boston.pdf
1997-01-01 Homicide and suicide risks associated with firearms in the home A national case-control.pdf
1997-01-00 Illegal firearms Access and use by arrestees.pdf
1995-07-01 Guns Used In Crime .pdf

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